Squats Vs Leg Press and Full Range of Motion

OK…I want to talk about two subjects that are very controversial…

  1. Squats or Leg Press for massive legs
  2. Full range of motion or partials?

I read/hear this controversy all the time….Squats or Leg Press????

Which is better for building leg mass?

Most people say SQUATS are the “King” for legs but how do we know this is true? Well…bodybuilders do squats right? Yes, some do but not all. I know¬†Dorian Yates did not. Dorian had hip surgery that prevented him from doing barbell squats. He used the leg press and hack squats. His legs were huge. I’m sure they were others too. So the reality is Squats are not necessary for large leg development.

Dorian Yates legs

Squats are draining because you use way more muscles than the leg press. If you want to focus on leg development then why not only work your leg muscles and not your whole body? Makes sense right?

What about Full Range of Motion? Is it necessary for maximum muscle growth?

This one is easy to find the answer….just watch some of the professional bodybuilders doing squats, leg presses, shoulder presses, bench presses, etc. Rarely do you ever see a bodybuilder doing full range of motion. They mostly do 1/2 or 1/4 ROM at best.

So full range of motion is a myth for optimal muscle growth.

Here is a great video covering these two topics. I learned something today!!!

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