Simple Fat Loss Diet – Steak and Egg Diet

If you are looking for a diet for cutting and/or bodybuilding competition prep then try the “Old School” Steak and Egg Diet by Vince Gironda. It’s essentially a modified Keto Diet and it WORKS. Get shredded in 4 weeks.

…people have lost 1-2 lbs of fat per week.

Steak and Egg Diet

It’s very simple….you eat steak and eggs at each meal. You only eat 2 meals per day. You eat a 1 lb steak and 4-6 eggs. You can cook with butter or oil. No Carbs at all…not even veggies!

You can drink water and black coffee only.

You follow this meal plan for 4 days and then you cheat for one day. On the cheat day, you eat ANYTHING you want. The purpose of the cheat day is to keep your hormones balanced.

Many bodybuilders use this diet for competition prep. It’s simple and highly effective.

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