Progressive Overload – What you should know

Increasing the weight you lift may not be the best method of Progressive Overload…even though that’s what you’ll read all over the Internet. I know because that’s all I found.

….is there a more effective method of progressive overload?

….let’s take a analytical view

…by increasing your BB Bench Press (example: 200 lbs x 6 reps) by 5 lbs, you will increase your workload by 5/200 or 2.5%

….by increasing your reps (with the same weight) by 2, you increase the workload by 2/6 or 33%

….by increasing the number of sets (example: 4 sets of 6 reps) by 1, you increase the workload by 1/4 or 25%

As you can see, increasing the weight is the least effective method of progressive overload and will cause a plateau in a short period of time.

Increasing reps and/or sets will create a greater overload on your muscles causing more growth. (Watch Tom Platz do a leg workout.)

You can’t continue to add reps and/or sets beyond 4-6 weeks though and this is where you change exercises or increase the weight and start all over.

Start at 10 sets per body part per week, then add 1 set per week and stop when you get to 20 sets. The rep range can be from 6 – 30 depending on the body part.

For years, I tried increasing the weight and nothing else and got nowhere. The weight I lifted stopped going up after a few months. And I did not grow much.

Now I practice High Volume Training and really like the results.

Checkout GVT or German Volume Training. It’s difficult but it’s very effective at building muscle.

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