Insulin – Fat Storing Hormone Scientific Results

OK…I’ve been wondering…

Is it true that Insulin and Carbs make you fat?

…the short answer is YES.

Here’s the proof….

5800 Calories on a Low Carb High Fat Diet for 21 days = little fat gainĀ 

So here’s the test… Sam Feltham ate 5800 calories per day on a Low Carb High Fat diet for 21 days and gained a mere 3.5 lbs. If you add up the calories, he should have gained 16.5 + lbs. 5800 calories is a ton of food!

Why only 3.5 lb gain?

…Insulin or the lack of. Insulin causes energy storage also known as fat. Low insulin levels reduce or prevent fat storage. Keep your insulin levels low and you will either loose fat or not gain any depending on the calories eaten.

So how does this compare to a person eating the same number of calories but with more carbs?

Another human guinea pig…. Morgan Spurlock ate 5000 calories of high carb high fat for 30 days and gained 24.5 lbs.

It is true that carbs tend to cause fat storage. You can eat more when you lower your carb intake and not gain fat…you may even burn some fat.

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