Weightlifting Shoes for Bodybuilding

Which weightlifting shoes are good for bodybuilding?

Here are my picks…

  • Under Armor Charged Legend
  • Under Armor Limitless 3.0
  • Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6
  • New Balance Minimus 40

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Why I picked these 4 shoes for bodybuilding
  • Flat soles for solid support and good transfer of energy to the floor. You don’t want running shoes for body building although you could for most exercises but not squats or deadlifts. Running shoes have a lot of padding in the sole which can make you a little unstable in a heavy lift.
  • Good Toe Box space to allow your toes to spread out and not get squeezed together.
  • Comfort: descent padding to make them comfortable for short periods of walking or running
  • Appearance: look great with any shorts/socks
  • Ventilated Upper to keep your feet aerated and cool
  • Fit: fits your foot like a glove but not too tight and does not allow your foot to move around.
  • Price:  $50 – $80
  • Good color selection – I like variety
  • Non skid rubber soles

I have 2 pairs of the Under Armor Limitless 3.0, one in black and the other in gray. These are my favorites. They fit better than any athletic/crossfit shoe I have tried on. They are great for bodybuilding because they combine comfort and support. They are like combining a weightlifting shoe and a walking shoe. The best of both worlds. I squat and deadlift in them but not heavy.

Under Armor Limitless 3.0 bodybuilding shoes

The Under Armor Charge Legends are more towards a weightlifting or powerlifting shoe. There is less cushion and a little more room for your toes. They look great and fit very well. These are great for bodybuilding and some powerlifting but not Olympic or competition lifting.  Don’t plan on walking or running in these for more than 30 minutes. There isn’t much padding and so your feet will hurt after a while. Get the Limitless 3.0 for walking or running plus lifting.

Under Armor Charge Legends weightlifting shoes

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 are more of a weightlifting, crossfit or powerlifting shoe. These are my favorite shoe for squatting and deadlifting. The stability and support are unlike any other shoe. You can feel the ground underneath your feet and makes you more stable. The Free Trainers have less padding/cushion than the other 2 which is ideal for powerlifting. More energy gets transferred to the floor instead of being absorbed by padding. These are comfortable for lifting but not walking or running for more than 20 minutes or so.

New Balance Minimus 40 Lifting Shoes

I just bought these about 1 month ago and I have to say they are “da bomb”. I loooove these shoes.

I wasn’t shopping for lifting shoes at the time but I ran across these and had to have them. The color combo is unlike any shoe I have seen. It’s the Black/Green color. I bought them online for $119. They’re expensive but they really are fantastic for weight lifting.

I’m not a New Balance person but I have had some in the past. But they were running shoes. I did use they for weight training for a while. I never really cared for New Balance in the past….until now.

The New Balance Minimus 40’s are perfect. There’s room for your feet but not too much. The Toe Box is excellent. It gives your toes room to spread out but not enough that your foot moves inside the shoe. You get great foot support in the arch and heel. Just what you want for squatting and deadlifting. These fit great and look great. It doesn’t get any better than this. These are my favorite weight lifting shoe now.

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New Balance Miimus 40

Good Squatting Shoes – How to Lift More

So what are good squatting shoes?

…basically anything that is relatively flat without a lot of cushion.

…Converse sneakers are popular at the LA Fitness that I go to.

…so are Nike Metcon and Nike Free Trainer 5.0 – I wear both of these. They are great for squatting and deadlifting.

Nike Metcon 3/4 Benefits
  • Solid flat sole – maximum support for stability and transfer of force to the floor. Rubber/soft cushion soles absorb pressure or force which reduces the force transfered to the floor. Result: you lift less. Not good.
  • Roomy toe box – plenty of room for your toes to spread out. Most sneakers squeeze your toes together. Not good
  • Wide sole – provides maximum stability and force transfer to the floor. Result: you lift more
  • Breathable Upper – helps your feet breath and stay comfortable.
Nike Metcon 3 Reviews

Hubby has had both of the previous versions of this shoe and no longer wears Nanos. He says that the biggest difference for him is the Flywire – it allows him to tighten the shoe all the way around the foot for a more customized fit while still leaving plenty of room in the toe box. We originally purchased the yellow and grey and are exchanging them for another color – the colors of the shoe itself are fine, but he doesn’t like the paint splatter look. I attached a closeup pic of the splatter, since it’s hard to really see it without zooming way in on the item pic. This is not the fault of the manufacturer or seller and doesn’t affect the shoe rating, just a matter of personal preference!

This is my go-to gym shoe. Sole is flat, grippy and hard, perfect for those leg squat exercises. Not much cushioning going on, but that is a plus. Breathes well in hot climate (Thailand). The rubber sole grips seriously well, and the sole wraps on the inner side of the shoe allows it to climb gym ropes with ease.

I spent 24 hours straight field testing on a 40kg tire dragging, 24 hours non-stop race. No blisters. Has high friction coefficient.
Lasts 10 – 15 minutes on the treadmill before you start wishing you brought your running shoes. But this is not what it is designed for.

GREAT SHOES! I wear a womens size 11 but prefer the width of the men’s. These are awesome! They make a HUGE difference with working on my dead lifts then i can go straight to running! I would not use these as a long distance run shoe but I really do like these!

Amazing shoes! I started CrossFit about 9 months ago and love it but needed something better than the Brooks Beast for lifting and squatting. In the brooks I felt unstable, in these MetCon 3’s I feel super planted to the ground which lets me lift and perform better! Highly recommend, I will probably get another pair in a different color.

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What Are The Best Squat Shoes?

So, what are the best squat shoes?

…it depends on your goal

… Olympic Powerlifting?



Weightlifting Shoes for Squats (powerlifting)- requirements
  •  Medium Height and Solid Heels- positions your feet and body in a balanced and stable position which will maximize your lifting power and enable deeper squats. Cushion heels will absorb force instead of transferring it to the floor…You don’t want that for powerlifting
  • Extra Wide – allows your toes to spread out instead of being squished together. This gives your feet a better stance for stability and comfort
  • Rigid Sole – more foot support for even force exertion, transfer and stability
  • Wide Strap Fastener – quick and secure fastening of the shoe provides an “lock down” fit.
  • Breathable Upper – permits air circulation for better comfort
Best Squat Shoes for Olympic Powerlifting

…Adidas Powerlift 3.1

Powerlift 3.1 Features

  • Synthetic – breathable and durable upper
  • Hight Density Synthetic sole – transfers maximum force directly to the floor – permits greater lifts
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Lightweight synthetic leather upper for ankle support and durability
  • Air mesh collar, tongue and lining for maximum breathability
  • Open forefoot structure and flexible toe for enhanced comfort and breathability
Adidas Powerlift 3.1 Reviews

I’ve been lifting seriously for a little over two years now but never came around to buying power lifting shoes because I felt like I should squat as much as I can “naturally” without any help. Well I got to a point where my form started to break down under heavier weight because I couldnt reach a depth that was comfortable with my legs and hips without leaning too forward and compromising my lower back. Since trying these shoes I’ve had to amazing squat sessions and my ankles couldn’t be happier. My technique is a bit more cleaner and I’m coming out of the hole much more faster thanks to the extra mobility I get from the raised heel.

Creates a stable foot base when lifting, especially heavier weight. Comfortable like normal adidas shoes. Eliminates the sway/ creep you feel in cross trainers or running shoes when lifting. They really help especially when your mentally focusing on proper movement and muscle targeting.

These were my first pair of lifting shoes and after looking at every pair out their I decided to not go all out on my first pair in case I didn’t like them. These got decent reviews so I pulled the trigger. They keep me way more stable doing squats. I feel like it’s easier to get lower with these and I was immediately able to push 15-20lbs more on squat. I would buy these again.

Used for 10 squat sessions and wow what a difference. These did NOT increase my lift however the stability I gained and the sure surefootedness is incredible. Purchased a 13.5 since I wear a 13w dead on fit. Also noticed knee not as sore when I went max weight. Really balances lift and you can feel the weight during the lift balanced better throughout lower body.

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