Muscle Growth Carb Myth

There are a lot of bodybuilding diet myths… and I followed many of them for years.

Here is the most critical one…

…”You have to eat a ton of carbs to get big (muscular)”

This is not true as far as muscle growth is concerned. If you eat a ton of carbs, you will get big and fat.

Carbs to the human body are fuel and NOT muscle building material. The human body cannot make muscle tissue from carbs.

ONLY protein causes MPS or Muscle Protein Synthesis along with progressive overload exercise. BUT resistance training without protein will give you NOTHING.

Every time you eat protein, your body will build muscle tissue. Even if you don’t workout, your body will use the protein to build muscle and other tissue but not fat.

So to maximize muscle growth, you should eat protein every 4-5 hours and especially before bedtime. Protein at night will stimulate muscle growth while you’re sleeping.

I eat protein pre-workout, post-workout, at lunch, dinner and an hour before bedtime. I eat slow digesting protein at night like cottage cheese or milk/casein protein.

Try it

How Much Do Chicken Tenders Weigh?

I see this question on a lot of bodybuilding forums and with no answers…

“How much do chicken tenders weigh?”

Here’s the answer = about 1.5 ounces give or take 1/4 oz.

I eat chicken tenders all the time instead of chicken breasts. Chicken tenders are great for protein and are easy to measure 1 serving. 2 average sized chicken tenders weight about 3 oz which is a normal serving. I eat 3 chicken tenders for 4.5 oz. There’s no need for a food scale.

3 oz of chicken breast or tenders = 23 grams of protein

5 oz of chicken breast or tenders = 38 grams of protein


Chicken tenders are super easy to cook. I just salt and pepper them then cook them in a non-stick skillet with olive oil. I cook them for 3 minutes on each side at medium heat. They’re tender, juicy and tasty!