Biotest Carbolin 19 Review

After reading a clinical trial on Forskolin which resulted in very favorable results regarding body composition transformation and a testosterone increase, I decided to give it a try.

I bought a bottle of Biotest Carbolin 19 which is an enhanced Forskolin formula. Claimed to be more effective than Anavar.

3Li 100%
3Li 100%

Little green pills…maybe it’ll turn me into the “Hulk”?

3Li 100%
3Li 100%

I’ve been on Carbolin 19 for 4 days now (2 pills per day) with no side effects of any kind. I feel great. My body stats as of yesterday were 142.6 lbs and 11.6% body fat. Let’s see what happens in the next 30 days.

3/2/2016 Update

I noticed that my libido has changed since the very first day I started taking Carbolin 19. It’s definitely noticeable early mornings…if you know what I mean. I also noticed my muscles stay pumped for days. They feel fuller and harder.

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    1. Sorry about the delay on an update. I did not see any benefit to taking the Carbolin 19 supplement. It just did not provide any positive results for me. But this does not mean it won’t work for others.

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