Best Protein Powder – Value and Quality

There are tons of protein powders on the market…some are very good while others are not.

So how do you know which ones are good and which are not?

The easiest way is by lab tests. The product┬áhas to be tested by a professional independent lab in order to get to the truth. You really never know what’s in a product unless it is tested by an independent lab. The label does not always tell you everything. Don’t trust them!!!

…check out for test results of various supplements.

So what’s the best protein powder?

MyProtein Supplements at Amazon

3Li 100%
5.5 lb Whey Protein Isolate

MyProtein has the absolute best quality protein powder without any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Other big brand protein powders have some questionable ingredients. So beware!

MyProtein whey protein isolate and the micellar casein protein powders mix very well and taste great. I bought a 5.5 lb bag of the whey protein isolate and a 2 lb bag of the micellar casein protein powder. The price is amazing!! I paid $35 for the 5.5 lb bag of whey protein powder. That’s about the same price as 2 lb of most other brands. MyProtein is the best of both worlds….quality and price.

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